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Trade discounts are quizlet

trade discounts are quizlet

Free Alongside Ship, FAS a term that indicates that the buyer will pay all freight and insurance charges necessary to bring the consignment to the side of the ship but will not cover the cost of loading.
Trade discount, the amount of discount that the wholesaler or retailer receives off the list price or the difference between the list price and the net priced.
Net decimal equivalent, the decimal equivalent of the net price rate for a series of trade discounts.
Partial free coupons in ebay latest cash discount, a cash discount applied only to the amount of the partial payment, amount credited, the sum of the partial payment and the partial discount.Extra Dating allows additional days before dating terms take effect.Electronic Commerce, any activity that uses some form of electronic commercecation in the inventory, exchange, advertisement, distribution, and payment of goods and services.Full amount due by end of credit period if discount is missed receipt of goods used in calculating the cash discount period; begins the day that the goods are received single equivalent discount rate rate or factor as a single discount that calculated the amount.FOB shipping, free on board at shipping point.Outstanding balance, the invoice amount minus the amount credited.
Bill of landing, shipping document that includes a description of the merchandise number or pieces weight name and sender, destination, and method payment of freight charges.
Merchandise sold by retailers is brought from manufacturers wholesalers who sell only to retailers and not to customers.Net price equals list price minus trade discount amount trade discount amount list price times the trade discount rate.Example: Net price list price - trade discount, complement of a Percent the difference between 100 and the given percent.Cash discount is the result of an early payment based on the terms of the sale trade discounts single and chain.Discount rate, a percent of the list price, compliment of a percent.FOB destination, free on board af the destination point.Manufacturer, a type of producer that changes the shapes manufact or forms of materials so that they will be useful to consumers.After the 25th discount period, one additional month results.An exception occurs when an invoice is dated on or after the 26th of a month.Net Cost Equivalent the decimal number from the single trade discount, multiplied byeq the list price gives the net cost.