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Oberführer "senior leader" an SA and SS rank, equivalent to Senior Colonel; originally called Gauführer, the SS or SA leader for a Gau.
Amt Feierabend (Office for After-Work Activity aimed to organize workers' after-work activities, part of the Strength Through Joy policy pet sweep shoes Amt Volksbildungswerk (Office for Popular Education aimed to organize ideologically-approved education for workers, part of the Strength Through Joy policy Anbauschlacht Battle for Cultivation.
Feldherrnhalle loggia on the Odeonsplatz in Munich ; site of the violent climax of the 1923 Beer Hall Putsch.
In it, one of the characters, Thiemann, delivers the famous line "Whenever I hear the word ' culture I release the safety catch on my revolver." Schönheit der Arbeit Beauty of Labor program.Zwangsarbeiter A forced-laborer, a slave-laborer.There were three grades, the Iron Cross, Knight's Cross ( Ritterkreuz ) and Grand Cross ( Grosskreuz the basic grade was awarded in two degrees, 2nd and 1st Class.Badeanstalten - bathhouses; surreptitiously disguised bath houses which were actually gas chambers Bahnschutzpolizei railway protection police Bandenkampfabzeichen Anti-) bandits-campaign badge" : Nazi military uniform award for combat action against partisan guerrillas.Title conferred on Heinrich Himmler by Hitler in June 1936.Later the Americans and Allied authorities sent war criminals judged at Nuremberg there to serve out their time.During the Nazi era, the word meant "scum "inferior" people, the ballastexistenzen ballast-existences"dead weight, waste-lives) of the socially marginalized, those considered by the Nazis to be "unwanted".Difficulties in the Sudetenland were used as a pretext for annexation by Hitler shortly in the wake of the Austrian Anschluß of 1938.Lichtenburg - concentration camp near Kreis Torgau.
Blut und Ehre (Blood and Honor) Motto applied to the blades of some uniform daggers worn by the Hitlerjugend, or Hitler Youth.
Stabsscharführer "staff squad leader" a Waffen-SS position (not a rank the senior NCO in a company, functionally equivalent to a US first sergeant or UK company sergeant major.Feindhörer (Listener to Enemy Broadcasts) - people who illegally listened to Allied and other enemy broadcasts during the war.Reichsbevollmächtigter Imperial Plenipotentiary in occupied territory.As the Russians approached in September 1944, its prisoners were executed at gunpoint and their bodies cremated.Department of Transportation Advisory Circular 120-108, Continuous Descent Final Approach, 1/20/11,.S.Burschenschaft student association (predates Nazi Party).German scientists had to research how to produce artificial rubber ( Buna and coffee made from roasted acorns, for example.