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How to prepare for a pizza eating contest

how to prepare for a pizza eating contest

Salem worked his way up to a gallon, which he can now drink in under a minuteand does so almost daily when hes preparing for a competition.
The purpose of this article is to serve as a general strategy guide with tips and advice that you should follow when attempting to win a team pizza challenge.
In the end, percentages dont really matter at all.
If you combine the tips above with the Basic Strategy Tips For Winning A Food Challenge, and also our How To Win A Pizza Eating Challenge article for individuals wanting to win solo pizza challenges, you have all the major advice that you need.The morning of a contest, hell drink a strong cup of coffeeto make sure Im clearthen go on an hour-long run.This whole process only raises your levels of triglycerides (i.e., fat in your blood) temporarily.For this video, Magic Mitch Dombrowski and I attempted, the 29 Team Pizza Challenge at, schiappas Italian Restaurant in OFallon, Illinois.After a shower, hell drink one last gallon of water, which hell pee kohls 30 percent off coupon code november 2015 out completely before the contest, and have a piece of fruit.So well use warm water, around body temperature.The best and easiest meats to choose are the lean and flat ones, particularly ham and Canadian bacon when they are available.Now that most of the carbs you've gobbled down are getting all up in your blood stream, your pancreas secretes the hormone insulin to help your cells sop up the sugar and put it to use as fuel.For more tips to help you all train to increase your jaw strength and endurance, read.What toppings do you like and what toppings does your partner(s) like?Some pizzas are loaded with different toppings (supreme/deluxe) or they feature gourmet/specialty pizza options, and then others require you to choose just one or two toppings.
If knockaround promo code december 2014 you do a gallon of water, youre competitive with most of the eaters.
Its called the fat belt theory, Salem says.Otherwise youll get out of breath and youll have to take a step back and relax, and it takes a few seconds to get your heart rate down.With most gigantic pizzas, the inside portion makes up 90 of the challenge, so get it all down while it is warm, greasy, and delicious.Still, you have to master the entire process before you work on that.The best bet for a novice competitive eater is technique, where foods like wings, corn on the cob, and oysters are used.